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Crating Services In Orlando, FL

Craters & Freighters Orlando will design a custom crate or container for you, to meet the most demanding requirements. Engineered Crates designed for your valuables can allow for frequent reuse and extended storage. – All of our custom shipping crates and containers are designed in-house, and can be engineered to accommodate items of almost every size, shape and weight.

Our custom crates will withstand all of the transportation challenges that might be encountered. You can trust Craters & Freighters to crate your valuables using advanced engineering. 

Industrial Heavy Machinery Crating

Special care goes into packaging industrial equipment and machinery. Such items are susceptible to incurring damages during transit because of their fragile components. We carefully analyze the item’s characteristics to determine the best way to pack.

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Arts & Antiques Crating

Craters and Freighters Orlando can provide the optimal solution from customized wooden crates to large customized shipping boxes to pallets. Tell us your need, and we will make it happen.

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Server & Electronics Crating

We serve all business types, including financial institutions, medical equipment manufacturers and providers, schools and universities, specialty technology operations, call centers, insurance companies, law firms. If you choose, we will come to your facility and review your custom crating and moving needs.

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What's Inside Our Crates?

Inside our crates and boxes, you’ll find custom packaging, blocking and bracing. These critical elements insure your item arrive safe, damage free, and on time.  In other words, we don’t simply place your item in a crate or box. We take careful consideration into the best packaging and crating methods available for the item.

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