Manufacturing Equipment Shipping


Manufacturing Equipment Shipping in Orlando

Shipping large, heavy, expensive, and mechanically sensitive manufacturing equipment requires the insights of a company that specializes in packaging, crating, and shipping solutions for this kind of challenging project.

As industry leaders with national and global networks, you can rely on our professionals to handle your unique equipment shipment with care and dedication, using comprehensive services. Our team offers more than experience but intuitive and conscientious support for both your assets and you.

We aren’t satisfied unless you are, so come to us with your questions or concerns and let us give you peace of mind.

Spec-Driven Packaging

Our engineers develop packaging and crating solutions customized for each specific item. We can provide on-site services at your commercial location or off-site services at any one of our 65+ nationwide Craters & Freighters locations. Rigging and other specialized equipment services are available as well.

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Onsite Crating and Packaging

We’ve worked with various manufacturing companies and understand the difficulties that appear when trying to get these large, awkward, and heavy items to our Orlando shipping facility. That’s not a problem for our custom crating professionals. We have everything we need to come to you and design and build the precise protection for just about any asset.

No matter where we build your container, you can depend on us to use the highest quality materials at all times, as well as decades of industry knowledge and experience. If you’re looking for confidence when shipping manufacturing equipment, we won’t disappoint.

Equipment & Machinery Packaging, Crating & Shipping Solutions

Craters & Freighters Orlando also serves as a one-source solution for domestic or international shipping arrangements. Our years in the shipping industry have afforded us useful and important global resources, allowing us to cater to all of your logistic needs, no matter the final destination.

Industrial Commercial Services

Our shipping teams are determined to give you and your assets top-notch treatment. No matter how challenging your project, we know how to manage it from start to finish. In our capable hands, your industrial machinery arrives at its location safely.

We will handle every detail, from pick up to custom crating to shipping, and our customer service beats all industry standards. Find out more about our commercial services and how we can benefit your next big shipment.


Why Come to Craters & Freighters for Your Manufacturing Equipment Shipping Project

At Craters & Freighters, we are skilled at providing the safe, reliable delivery of excessively large pieces of heavy machinery and industrial equipment. Our services are comprehensive, making us a one-stop-shop for all of your shipping needs and goals.

We know what it takes to support these specific jobs, and our professionals are trained and experienced in giving you the best options for your assets. We are well-versed in designing containers that prevent vibration, abrasion, and moisture damage, and we have what it takes to get your items where they need to be securely and damage-free.

Whether you need to move your assets around the corner or around the globe, our experts will get it there, by land, sea, or air, using the best materials and packaging schemes available.

Do you think your equipment shipment is too big? Give us a call. We take on the most demanding shipping projects. We have no size or weight restrictions and specialists who believe in open communication throughout your process. We also have a can-do attitude, so leave the heavy lifting to us and reach out today.



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